I'd like to suggest that "active" members appoint and/or vote for a five member panel for Kansas LoCo Council for administrative and organizational duties. A panel will help keep administrative, organizational and promotional duties from getting stagnet, while encouraging new members to join. These members should be located actively participating in a local business, family or LUG activities in Kansas.

Getting enough support for a state LoCo for a state that is large and sparse as Kansas can be tough. It's been suggested breaking the state into "regions" and using the regions to organize the LoCo. It's also been suggested to use "regions" or city LoCo's rather than trying to organize by state.

As I see it, there are x regions (correct or add as needed);

Major Cities
- Kansas City
- Wichita
- Manhattan
- Topeka
- Lawrence
- Eldorado
- Salina
- Hays
- Junction City

Major Regions (Active)
- North East Kansas
- North Central Kansas
- South Central Kansas
- South Eastern Kansas (?)

Major LUGs
- Air LUG
- Others (?)

Are there others? (Great Plains, Blue Hills, Smoky Hills, Grasslands, etc.)

One issue on the table is the KanLoCo logo. There have been several suggested, none voted on, and one unofficially promoted at the last state wide release party.