I'll sort of recap some bits from the Website Offline topic.

What do we need for an Ubuntu Maine-iacs website?

What system should we use?

Drupal is well-known, well-supported, and has already-existing LoCo tools/theme, etc that are well polished

Joomla is similar, and has a theme or 2 as well, but not the tools the ubuntu-drupal folks have done

Wordpress is also well known and supported, has some ubuntu theming

Drupal is relatively complex (though not difficult), and Joomla is probably similar as well, mainly due to their nature as content management systems.

Wordpress is much simpler to use, but due to it's nature has somewhat fewer features/addons

So the real question here is features/content would we want on the Ubuntu Maine LoCo site?

For ideas, the LoCo list is an exhaustive list of worldwide LoCo teams. We can see what other teams with varying sizes and activities use