I've been reading thread over thread, wikis, blogs and a bunch of other information trying to figure out this issue without luck.

I've made progress to the point I can work around it, but not a proper solution, so, perhaps someone can point me in a better direction.

I have an integrated sound card from an asus board.

Initially I couldn't get sound to work, but after doing some searches and reading on I was able to get my sound by turning up the appropriate labels in alsamixer.

My next move was towards making 5.1 work. When I went into my sound settings in hardware, I would choose the profile for 5.1 then sound would not work. The only two settings it would work for was stereo (I could still get sound from all speakers so I felt it was outputting stereo through all speakers.

I kept reading blogs and found commands to make 5.1 sound tests from terminal which did not give me any output regardless of the profile.

I let it be as it was still working (though perhaps not surround). Then I setup skype and needed to configure my headset. I have my headset pluged in to the audio and mic from the soundcard and my speakers using a coaxial cable.

I was able to configure my headset by simply changing the profile so that it will take the input from my card. This profile is Digital Stereo Output + Analog Stereo Input.

This works so far, I have sound coming out of the speakers and my mic is working. But I do not get any sound in my headset.

I have tried different combinations and different profiles and they work as you would expect but perhaps not the way I would want.

What I would like to have is sound on my headphones and speakers at the same time (I can just turn off speakers when I don't need them) and my mic to input sound to the computer.

Additionally, assuming I do not have proper 5.1 sound since the test does not output any sound, I would like to have that configured as well.

Just in case I do not have the correct approach and someone wants to provide some input, in the end, what I am interested is being able to use my headset for skype, gmail, etc. But when I am watching movies, youtube or whatever I want to have it through my speakers.

I hope I've made some sense above.

I appreciate any help.