I am trying to rescue data from an old Connor CP2024 hard drive. This is out of a Toshiba T1900/120 laptop running DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.1. Amazingly this laptop runs using an external monitor and the battery will even hold a charge for about 1/2 hour but almost everything else is broken in it.

The floppy disc drive is not working. For those of you unfamiliar with this old of a piece of hardware it has no optical drive, no USB, ethernet, or modem. So the only option that I see for data recovery is to pull the hard drive and attempt to read the data from a more modern computer.

The hard drive is a Connor CP2024, 120 MB (yes, that really is Megabytes).

I placed the drive onto a IDE to USB harness but I have not been able to get the drive to mount. I did get GParted to recognize the drive but it reported it as an unallocated 2 TB drive! Needless to say I did nothing with it in GParted. fdisk -l failed to report any partitions, no surprise.

Windows XP and Windows 7 do not see the drive at all (won't mount there either) and I haven't bothered with OS X.

I tried jumper configurations to make the drive Master, and even Master/Slave. There was no Cable Select option for this drive.

So, any ideas out there? I do have a number of laptops lying around that used IDE HDs, would placing it into one of those make the drive mountable? That's assuming the issue is with IDE to USB and that the drive will continue to function in a different laptop. Will moving the drive into another laptop fry the thing?

By no means do we wish to risk losing the data on this drive. It was used for close to 30 years by a screen writer and has some scripts and writing that don't exist anywhere else right now. Rather than risk data loss, I will send it off to a clean room data recovery service if I have to.

As always, thanks for any and all useful answers!