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Thread: Scanner instalation

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    Scanner instalation


    Probably this thread exists, but I am at the begining of using ubuntu and probably I'm not looking where I should. I need some help installing a BENQ S2W 3300U scanner.
    I tried almost everything what I found on the forums except the command line stuff. I'd appreciate any help. I run Ubuntu Netbook 10.04 installed from a liveCD on a laptop ASUS F5M with turion64 MK38 processor.
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Scanner instalation

    Try simply plugging it in to the computer and running xsane, which you may need to install, or simple scan, which I think is installed by default, but can also be installed if needed.

    I have no idea about that particular scanner, but many are detected with no action from the user.

    Have a look here as well.
    It is possible you may need to use your windows driver CD to get it to work.
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    Re: Scanner instalation

    I'm having a similar problem and can't get my UMAX Astra 1220P scanner to work.
    It works fine with XP but won't work with 32 bit Lucid.

    Scanner is plugged in and on but Simple Scan reports:
    No scanners detected
    Please check your scanner is connected and powered on

    Installed Xsane which reports:
    xsane 0.996
    scanning for devices

    no devices available
    What is needed to make this scanner work?
    Ubuntu 16.04 64bit Ext4 on a Dell Studio XPS Desktop Intel® Core™ i7-860 2.8GHz, 8GB DDR3 ram and Dual booting: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit Ext4 & 32bit Vista Home Premium, on a Toshiba laptop dual core AMD Turion 64, 2.0 GHz, 4GB ram.

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    Re: Scanner instalation


    I cannot put the .bin file in the specified folder. It says that i don't have acces, I'm not the owner of the folder.

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