I have recently bought myself a shiny new Samsung N150 plus netbook and am hoping to ditch Windows7 for Ubuntu in the near future.

I have downloaded an iso file for Lucid desktop (not netbook) and used unetbootin to create a bootable usb drive. I can boot from the usb drive to a live environment running off the memory stick itself, but I don't have an option to install to the hdd like i'd normally get with booting from a ubuntu cd.

I just wanted to clarify what sort of install I will end up with if I use the 'install ubuntu desktop 10.04' desktop icon after booting to the live usb environment. Will this be a standard install to the hdd where I can tell it to wipe everything (including Windows7) and just leave ubuntu? Reading through the documentation for unetbootin and other forum posts has left me a bit confused about whether using this process will just install alongside Windows7.

Can anyone clarify what will happen for me?
Many thanks.