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Thread: Enter password to unlock your login keyring

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    Re: Enter password to unlock your login keyring

    I had a very similar problem. Dell netbook 10n, removed remix and installed 9.10

    Every thing was fine until I installed a wireless router and set encryption on.

    To make a Long story made short--

    I have three accounts set-up on the Dell, one with all privileges, the other two with only internet access. It turned out that ONLY the admistrator could access the wireless lan, and there the password for the lan had been 'remembered'.

    I finally found that logged in as administrator I could:
    select 'preferences'
    select 'network connections' there
    select 'wireless' in network selections
    select ' our wireless '
    select 'edit'
    Then the admin PW had to be re-entered

    and low and behold at the bottom of the 'edit' screen was a check box to share "available to all users"

    Now the limited accounts do not even have to enter the wireless password.

    Hope this helps someone

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    Re: Enter password to unlock your login keyring

    Go to Places > Home. Check "Show Hidden Files". Then find the folder .gnome2, open it and delete the keyring folder (it will regenerate itself) Next time when you need to access the internet it will show up and ask you to set a password and you can reset it. You can choose your login password, a different one or don't enter anything, in that case it will warn you about unsafe password storage and if you just click OK it will never bother you again.

    I am sure someone would disagree but for me the keyring is nothing but a nuisance, I am not the CIA and I don't need that much "security", a single password prompt would be enough for me! So I just entered nothing and use unsafe password storage. Haven't heard from the keyring manager for quite a while.

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    Re: Enter password to unlock your login keyring

    beew, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try your solution and hope to also never hear of the keyring again (or at least until it is really needed, what would be very rare for me)

    I don't think it is useless, even for the most users who don't need to bother that much with security. Linux is supposed to be secure and it is part of its philosophy. Being able to set the same password for login and keyring is already good - when it accepts on login at once.

    But I really think this keyring thing should be easier to set up. I don't know if it is about ubuntu or gnome itself, but it is something very common to turn into a problem and I don't think there's a place to manage it efficiently.

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    Re: Enter password to unlock your login keyring

    saving in plain text could be an issue in multi user environments.

    In my opinion there is something wrong on how ubuntu handles the keyring in some occasions. For example in my case the Login keyring was empty and everytime I logged in I had to open the Default keyring hence I was asked for a password. This system was a member of an active domain that could have screwed things up.

    Usually you should have your passwords under the login keyring or "Unlock password for default keyring" this way when you login the "Login" keyring is opened and since it contains the password for the "default" you can access that keyring as well.

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