I tried Empathy, which works fine for normal AIM chat, but doesn't support rooms.

I tried Pidgin and had the longstanding bug where sometimes it connects, sometimes it kicks you out of the room, and there seems to be no reason to it.

I tried Kopete but could not find the 'join chat' command. I right-clicked on the tiny buddy icon in the lower right and the menu that pops up says:

Default Identity (in bold, unclickable)
Change Message (just changes your away message thingy)
Edit Status (lets you delete status or add new ones eg. away - watching tv)

I think my only option is to use one of those online things to access a room, but I find them really annoying, if there's a workaround, or a different programme I can use I'd rather do that.

I'm a linux newbie, so if there's commands I should do and post output, let me know. I'm running a new install ubuntu 10.04, on Toshiba Satellite L300D, AMD Turion, 32 bit.