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Thread: gnome- no theme in synaptic or nautilus@root

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    gnome- no theme in synaptic or nautilus@root

    I have a gtk & emerald theme installed on ubuntu 10.04 and when i open synaptic or nautilus as root it's like i have no theme...don't know how to describe exactly. anyone experienced this too? please help me!

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    Re: gnome- no theme in synaptic or nautilus@root

    That sounds like you are using a GTK theme that is installed for your user only, not system-wide. Since the apps running as root are, well, running as a different user, they don't have those themes available.

    There's two possible solutions:

    First one is to install all your themes in /usr/share/themes, and icons in /usr/share/icons.

    And the second one, which I actually prefer if I don't need the themes to be available for every user, just for my own and root. You can just link your user's theme directories into root's theme directories:

    sudo ln -s ~/.themes /root/.themes
    sudo ln -s ~/.icons /root/.icons


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