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Thread: Emu 1212

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    Emu 1212


    I have been running Ubuntu Studio with an EMU 1212 card for a number of years in my audio room.

    I think I am running Ubuntu Studio 6.10 and it was horrible to get the sound card running. But after countless hours of hacking I somehow got it to work. I tried so many things over weeks that I have no clue of how or why it works but it does.

    Over the years I have tried to get later versions running with no success other than too many hours wasted trying.

    Fortunately I have installed the newer versions with grub so that I can still boot the original working version.

    Today I am at it again with Ubuntu Studio 10.04 and after hours of searching and hacking I still cannot get any sound.

    I have been following these instructions:

    And when I get to running alsamixer it cannot find it.

    So then I do a:

    cat /proc/asound/cards it says -- no sound cards --.

    Is it really this difficult or does Linux simply not support this card?

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    Re: Emu 1212

    Did you ever solve it?

    I am trying to get a EMU1212m PCIe to produce sound, but so far I have failed.
    If you have any input, I would be grateful if you could share it.

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    Re: Emu 1212

    Old thread closed. If you have a question please start a new thread.


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