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Thread: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    1) Version : Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
    2) Laptop Maker : HP
    3) Laptop Model : 15-R-036TU
    4) Known Issue
    issue 1 Till now i tried many version of ubuntu and other many flavor. but Bluetooth not detected till now.
    issue 2: when i shutting down laptop, it started to shutdown process. At end of process it hangs off. and nothing work in laptop. No keyboard and mouse work(i tried to Caps-lock on/off but not work). it just showing last screen. i don't know why this kind of thing happen. at end of process i forced shutdown using long power button press.

    i m very biggest fan of linux. right now i m very depressed. because those two error i can't solved. if you want to anything like log and all i will provide it to you. please help..!!!

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Version: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    Laptop maker: Apple
    Laptop model: MacBook Pro Mid2009 (8G RAM)
    1. System freezing (I must use power button to force shutdown),
    2. When I use NVIDIA driver, screen bottom blinking (must switch to Xorg).

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