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Thread: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    1) Version Of Ubuntu: 18.04 LTS LiveUSB
    2) Laptop Maker: Apple
    3) Laptop Model: Apple MacBook Pro (Mid 2009 MacBookPro5,4)
    4) Known Issue: One of three things happens when booting

    Computer boots and hangs on a black screen

    Computer tells me it can't find vmlinuz (vmlinuz.efi?)

    Computer boots to a black screen with a cursor in the top right
    - Tells me I can choose between trying to open Ubuntu with out installing, install Ubuntu, or some other things
    - When I try Ubuntu, it hangs on the loading screen

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Thinkpad E480
    wireless adapter incompatible with any version of ubuntu (or any release of linux)

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