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Thread: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Dell Inspiron Mini 1010
    Distro: XUbuntu 14.04.
    !! Known problem graphics card. GMA500 (Poulsbo) !!

    System boots to the correct screen resolution. 1024x576 on this model.
    XFCE Compositing works well enough.
    Full Compiz hasn't been attempted.
    Wireless works.
    Multi-monitor not attempted.
    Suspend not attempted.

    I normally use cairo-dock.
    Something with the graphics or xfce compositing caused labels on cairo-dock to not display text on background.

    Swapped my usual cairo-dock for Docky and I get a similar enough experience for a drop-in.

    Flash video playback:
    Firefox with Adobe NNAPI: Slow to start, but smoothes itself after a moment when windowed.
    Fullscreen video with this method acts similarly.
    Seems to be a wind-up for video processing to get the audio and video back into sync.

    Using SMPLayer with the vaapi library for local playback:
    Audio gets way ahead of video with MP4 playback.
    Having something like WinFF to make the file smaller or change formats could help.
    It did when I was running Linux Mint Debian Edition and had to view a vacation video.
    Haven't tried this with 14.04.

    Camera works.
    Audio works - Scratchy playback.
    There used to be a workaround setting the sound device to dell or manufacturer to fix that.
    I don't rely on this machine for anything anymore. Not worried about it.

    There's a slight delay for programs to launch.
    Battery seems to drain somewhat quickly. Could just be age.

    Otherwise, the machine seems fine for general typing and internet browsing.
    And, isn't sanity really just a one-trick pony anyway? I mean, all you get is one trick: "rational thinking."
    But, when you're good and crazy? Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! The sky is the limit!

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    1) Version of Ubuntu: Ubuntu 12.04 and Lubuntu 14.04 (64-bit for both)
    2) Laptop Maker: HP
    3) Laptop Model: G60-120US (250gb HDD, 3gb DDR2 Ram, AMD Turion X2 @2.00 GHZ, NVIDIA GeForce 8200M G. (Internal wireless card removed, and thus has not been tested by me. External Rosewill RNX-N180UBE instead, functions perfect.))
    4) Known Issue: Nouveau drivers have graphical tearing and flickering in OpenGL applications and some flash video applications(depending on the site, for me Hulu and only in the regular player, but not the pop-out player.) Use of the NVIDIA binary drivers(any of them) causes freezing when the GPU is accessed for OpenGL and video play back of any kind. Random freezing happens with all NVIDIA binary drivers. All previous issues affect both. Ubuntu 12.04(and probably later to current 14.04.1 Trusty Thar) specific issues: Unity DE causes freezing with NVIDIA binary drivers. Nouveau driver causes tearing on Unity DE after install, but not when using LiveCD/DVD.

    Side note: Everything else works fantastically as long as you use the Nouveau driver.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Version of Ubuntu: 14.04 LTS
    Laptop Maker: HP
    Laptop model: Elitebook 840G1 (H5g26ea)
    Not working:
    - AMD Driver won't install - AMD Radeon HD 8750M (1 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
    - Sound not working (IDT High Definition Audio) - and blocking the sound tester in system settings, when trying to test the sound.
    - Camera and fingerprint reader not working.

    Detailes here:

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    Unhappy Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    1) kubuntu 14.04
    2) HP
    3) Pavilion 17-e123cl
    4) Won't allow installation. Has win 8.i listed as the FI OS in BIOS
    If I get the IT guys to wipe out my HD, Can I get kubuntu drivers for the hardware. I didn't see the HP 17 TS listed on the
    Ubuntu Desktop certified hardware HP
    can I remove the installed OS from BIOS.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Quote Originally Posted by david-jefferson View Post
    If I get the IT guys to wipe out my HD, Can I get kubuntu drivers for the hardware. I didn't see the HP 17 TS listed on the Ubuntu Desktop certified hardware HP
    can I remove the installed OS from BIOS.
    Welcome to the forums David!

    You will have much better chance of getting useful answers to your questions if you ask it in the "General Help" section of the forums.

    If it came with Windows 8 preinstalled, it means it (win8) is a UEFI based installation, and you should install Ubuntu/Kubuntu/whatever-you-like in the same (EFI) mode. Read this wiki to know more about EFI installations :

    Most of the hardware drivers are already included in the Linux kernel that gets installed by default, so usually you don't need to install any driver manually. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to test Ubuntu in a "Live Session" (Ubuntu booted directly from the DVD/USB, run in "Test" mode) before installing it on the hard disk. This allows you to not only verify whether your hardware will work or not, but also to see whether it works as you expect or not, and whether you like it or not.

    Although keep in mind that the performance is a bit slow in Live Session, it will be relatively much faster when installed on hard disk.

    If you need detailed or step-by-step help on any of these, I recommend starting a new thread (one per topic) in General Help section, or a section relevant to the topic - like "Installation & Upgrades" for installation issue, "Networking & Wireless" for network/wifi issue etc.

    Best of Luck! Hope you'd enjoy the forums here.
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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    1. Ubuntu 14.04.1 with gnome 3.1.04, KDE 4
    2. Acer
    3. V3-571G
    4. Dual graphics card Intel HD 4000 & Nvidia GT 630M, Nvidia Optimus. I can used nvidia as default GPU to run my whole system it'll breaks panel,launcher in unity the screen resolution too much for default 1366x768, unable to detect my monitor in nvidia settings. but in Intel it runs well with a couple of some problems

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Version of Ubuntu: 14.04 LTS
    Laptop Maker: HP
    Laptop model: Envy DV7 (7201sa)
    Not working:
    - Whenever I install a nVidia driver, the laptop boots to the login screen. On login, you get the wallpaper and mouse cursor but nothing else; menus (which were visible on the login screen) disappear. This happens on compwiz + that other one (name temporarily escapes me as I'm pre-coffee) and "Ubuntu".

    Laptop spec link:

    I've pretty much tried everything, installing drivers from the additional drivers tool, stopping lightdm and installing via command line... It just absolutely refuses to work for me.

    It's not the first beef I've had with this version of Ubuntu and graphics, either - I've got the same Ubuntu running on virtual machines in VirtualBox and they point blank refuse to use the 3d-accelerated driver in the guest additions. It also crashes the latest VirtualBox. But that's outside the scope of this post - it has made me seriously consider going back to 12.04, though, as that was fine on laptops, virtual machines and my home microserver - all of which are having grief with 14.04 in their own way.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Version Of Ubuntu: Trusty Tahr 14.04
    2)Laptop Maker: Lenovo
    3)Laptop Model: Thinkpad E545
    4)Known Issue: Video driver produces random glitches on screen.

    This laptop was ubuntu certified (, but it seems that that is not quite valid.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Hewlett Packard Pavilion g6-2213sa Notebook
    AMD A8-4500M APU

    Tested with 64-bit versions of:
    Xubuntu 14.04.1 (full install) added fglrx package later
    Kubuntu 14.04.1 (full install)
    Manjaro KDE 08.10 (live USB session) required Secure Boot to be disabled in EFI

    In all cases suspend/resume functionality is completely broken.
    Ctrl+Alt+Del allowed Manjaro KDE a 'soft' shutdown, both the full installs required a hard power switch shutdown.
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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

    Machine: HP Omen with the 512MB m.2 SSD
    Tested with 64 bit versions of Ubuntu 14.04, Kubuntu 14.10, 14.10 Plasma 5, and Mint 16

    Two main problems:

    1) SSD *extremely* slow (install took two hours; hdparm gives read speed as 2 MB/sec)
    2) Wireless marked as hard blocked in rfkill (there is no physical switch that should be hard blocking it)

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