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Thread: Laptop INCOMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    -Kubuntu 11.10
    -Satellite C-650D
    -Not fully compatible with the new AMD shipset, A lot of bugs.

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    Unhappy Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 11.10 x64 bits

    Laptop Toshiba Qosmio X505

    Crashes half way in. Looks like vido chipset not supported.

    Same OS runs perfect on desktop machine.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    Xubuntu 11.10
    Dell CSx H500XT (PIII)
    Sound chip Neomagic 256ZX (snd_nm256 driver) has a loud clicking sound during any usage.
    Driver problem since 2005. Xubuntu itself runs very well in 384MB.
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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    Os - Ubuntu 11.10
    Laptop - hp dm1


    1) Touchpad: Touchpad not fully compatible

    2) VGA connector: Plugging in external display or projector freezes the computer. However plugging them in when computer is switched off gives no problems.

    3) Slow shutdown: shutdown times increase drastically when tomboy is running in the background (bug reported)

    Minor issues:

    4) Wifi and Mute diodes: wifi diode turns white on startup (which means it is active) and there is no way to disable it on startup. Mute diode activates when earphones are plugged in (probably the diode is linked with main speakers)

    5) Computer stutters a lot when multitasking.

    6) Screen brightness fluctuates by small margin sometimes

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    Compaq Presario CQ61-420TU.
    Does not recognize integrated graphics processor.
    No driver support for Ubuntu by service provider.

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    HP Pavillion dv9910US

    Ubuntu 11.1

    1. About 50% of the time the sound card is not recognized
    2. Full screen video gives a blank white screen
    3. Windows larger than about 4 inches by four inches become blank

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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    Lenovo S205
    • ACPI problems (Suspend, Restart), due to uEFI boot. It works with Win 7 64bit EFI image (Wubi install)!
    • SD Card reader doesn't work
    • Wireless (RT3090) works with Kernel 2.6.38+ (suspend problem), But doesn't work with Kernel 3+

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    Exclamation Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    The laptop HP DV7-4040sp.
    ubuntu has imcompatibility with the trackpad(it doesnt work properly at all),and the screen brightness goes down at every boot,besides is at max on the ubuntu 11.10 and the only way to turn it up is on the keyboard,and any hp laptop that at least uses this kind of trackpad doesnt work at all,i stopped using ubuntu(or any other linux distro) since last year i bought the laptop because of this 2 issues.But the rest of the hardware works well.Already after 3 distros and still no fix for both issues.
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    Re: Laptop INCOMPATABILITY List.

    1)Ubuntu 11.10
    3)Pavilion DV6-2190us

    - Screen Brightness not Work
    - SD Card Reader doesn't Work
    - Headphone Jack not Working
    - Wireless Navigation LED is always Red(off) but Really is on at Works
    - Internal Speakers not Disabled by headphones
    - Connector in Sound Setting [OUTPUT TAB], is Just Analog Speaker and not show Analog Output

    = = = = =
    Mörgæs 2014-10-13: Later releases (14.04 and newer) are more suitable for the dv6.
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    Re: Sony Vaio VGN-FW270

    Quote Originally Posted by dwitkin View Post
    1)Version Of Ubuntu: Ubuntu 10.10
    2)Laptop Maker: Sony
    3)Laptop Model: Vaio VGN-FW270J
    4)Known Issue: laptop will not recover from suspend and hibernate. Instead, laptop reboots (i.e., Sony screen appears, GRUB appears, etc.)

    The system uses an Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07).

    I've tried some troubleshooting using the thread here: I haven't gotten all the way through it, but no luck so far.

    I've also tried this, but no luck:

    I'd appreciate any suggestions.
    On my VAIO FW290 and Ubuntu version 11.10 with Gnome 3.2 shell there was the same problem with hibernation/suspend. What fixed the issue for me was:

    1. Edit /etc/default/grub (as SU)
    2. Find the line containing :
    3. Change this to the following:
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_sleep=nonvs"
    4. Then update GRUB configuration:
    sudo update-grub
    5. Reboot and try to suspend.

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