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Thread: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook
    Satellite U405-SP2803

    Ubuntu is the only OS on the notebook.

    So far (12 hour use) everything OK.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1)Version Of Ubuntu: Ubuntu 10.10 - 64 bit.
    2)Laptop Maker: Acer
    3)Laptop Model: 6920g

    Everything is working out-of-the-box

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    Question Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Quote Originally Posted by forestpiskie View Post
    Welcome to the Laptop Compatibility List.

    The purpose of this thread is for you, the user, to post what laptop combination works with Ubuntu for you. If you wish, you may post how the laptop works (configuration related), and the steps you took setting it up. These informations will help other users to choose new laptops.

    Everyone is welcome to post here, as long as it is laptop related data. For help with laptop problems, please use the standard procedure of searching the forums, and starting your own thread for assistance if no answer is found.

    Give detailed explanations when reporting compatible laptop.

    Also Do not post any lspci outputs in this thread as they will be removed with out question.

    Please Only List
    1)Version Of Ubuntu
    2)Laptop Maker
    3)Laptop Model

    *NOTE* This thread is exclusively for the listing of compatible hardware. Any idle chatter or unrelated posts will be moved/removed accordingly. *NOTE*

    Thank you.
    Thread text shamelessy lifted and edited from Frodon's Desktop threads.

    Edit - HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks wiki page
    I assume all the people having compatibility issues have installed the Desktop version of UBUNTU I have tried this on a number of times and found issues but after installing the UBUNTU NETBOOK version have found that the issues have disappeared and obviously laptops are different from Desktop IE display drivers and Wifi drivers and so maybe this causes a lot of issues.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.10 (desktop version)
    Toshiba NB200
    Intel atom N280
    Atheros AR9285 wireless
    Realtek RTL8101E/8102E ethernet
    Sound HDA intel : Realtek ALC272 chip

    Everything works out of the box.

    One minor quirk. The bios enabled CPU power manager will make the cpu sleep during boot requiring you to tap a few random keys to keep it awake or it will take 2 minutes to boot.

    Boot it like this and set up your power management preferences, then reboot into BIOS and set dynamic CPU frequency mode to always will now be back to a 20/25 second boot.

    You will no longer see power management icon but from what I can see (brightness/lid close options/dim screen etc) it all still seems to work.
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    ++ desktops P4 3Ghz ++ servers
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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1) Ubuntu 10.10 netbook
    2) Acer
    3) D255

    The built-in microphone doesn't work, the card reader neither.
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    Thumbs up Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1)Version Of Ubuntu: Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.10 64 bit
    2)Laptop Maker: Fujitsu
    3)Laptop Model: Lifebook A530

    Additionally installed:
    1. ubuntu-notebook for using unity desktop
    2. hibernate for correcting the problem of hibernate

    Ubuntu Notebook Edition 32bit is also working fine except the need to install hibernate

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu Version : 10.10
    Maker : ACER
    Model : Aspire 4741G

    Work perfect, stable. =)

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    Talking Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.
    Originally Posted by Gaygerbil View Post
    Acer Aspire One D250 running Ubuntu Netbook 10.04.

    Internal mic and wireless drivers don't work out of box but both are fixable pretty easily.

    Only two settings for screen brightness (not sure if this is Ubuntu's fault or not though as it might just be a cheap laptop)
    Aspire one D255, one processor version

    Maverick 10.10 (standard release, not netbook)

    note: running from USB 36 GB hard drive. I haven't partitioned the 250 GB drive yet, still browsing Ubuntu forums for any cautions since my wife is interested in Windows 7 starter for her website work. Dreamweaver ($$) isn't on linux yet if ever.

    The hard drive was a left over from a Thinkpad installed in a USB case. Standard install was easy, just ran CD Live on a desktop with the usb drive plugged in. No USB creator required.

    Wireless working out of the box.

    Haven't tried mike.

    Keyboard can set four brightness levels. Gnome panel applet doesn't work.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    -maverick meerkat
    -toshiba satellite l655d 5159
    -fully functional. installed realtek driver (available at for wireless card and configured the audio as per another post available in the forum.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.10
    G62-b20S0 w/ F.46 BIOS

    Terrible. Broadcom Wireless works very poorly, even though updated to latest version supplied by Broadcom (sta-driver 'wl'). Also battery lifetime cannot be calculated so the computer just dies when the battery is out without prior warning.

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