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Thread: Laptop COMPATIBILITY List.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Fujitsu C-7651 is having some trouble loading x and says something about running in low graphics mode. other than that, It is awesome, and runs smoothly.

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    Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.10
    Aspire 7735Z

    Works great out of the box, but have a problem to fix the tearing (ATI) in videos, when trying to fix it it freezes. And the button to turn of touchpad is buggy. It works to turn it off, but have to reboot when I wil enable it again.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit
    Acer Aspire
    MDl # 5734Z-4836

    Works flawlessly, few flash errors , but no hardware issues.
    2400+AMD ATI rv350 9550 Video 1gigddr, Fiesty 7.04
    t4500 Acer 5734Z 10.10 x64

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1) Ubuntu 10.10 amd64
    2) HP
    3) dv7-1135ea

    Installation went perfectly. Dual booting with Windows 7. All devices worked right away, including wi-fi except for the fingerprint reader. However I have not tried to fix it yet.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1/. 10.10
    2/. Acer Aspire 5745G
    3/. Intel Quad core i5, GeForce 330M, 8GB RAM,

    After a couple of trojans snuck through whilst Stumbling, I decided it was time to really try and install 10.10 with W7. I found out how to partition the existing HDD (640GB total, 230 re-allocated to 10.10).

    First install went ok until the reboot, and all I got was a blank screen - No Ubuntu, No W7 either! Not Happy Jan!

    Seeing as though I had lost W7, I reformatted the whole HDD and installed clean, but did so with 10.04. I get unmetered Ubuntu downloads, so that wasn't a problem upgrading. 10.04 went on sweetly, and all I needed at the time worked fine. Time to upgrade via Upgrade Manager.

    All up, it took less than 2 hours until I was back in control. I don't use the touchpad (USB mouse), and that worked from the beginning. Screen resolution (1366 x 768 ) was set as default. Inbuilt camera works, but very poor quality compared to W7. Might be a frame rate thing, but will keep working on that. After some tweaking, I got the inbuilt microphone to finally work. I need them both for Skype.

    Wireless worked OOTB, and connected once I had entered the appropriate SSID and WPA.

    At this point, the only thing that DOESN'T work is the button that opens the DVD tray! It's a remote button, just above the keyboard, not on the drawer itself. Not a major concern as I always, and only, use flash drives now anyway. Will have to find out why it doesn't work though. I'm yet to try the paperclip emergency opening yet.

    So, in summary, at this point I can confirm that everything, except the DVD tray button and the touchpad, work OOTB. Extra software downloads needed to get mp3's to play, as well as the inbuilt microphone.

    **Resolution: I've found that if you type eject in a terminal window, the tray opens. Go figure! Now, just to get that command to link to the button, and all will be sweet in that regard.

    **Resolution #2: The touchpad works when I remove the USB mouse, so that's 1 less incompatibility to worry about.
    Last edited by Dale61; November 14th, 2010 at 03:34 PM. Reason: #1: Remedy for opening CD/DVD tray. #2: Touchpad works.

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

    HP Pavilion DV5075EA

    Everything works out of the box, except for WiFi and modem drivers (you need a wired connection to install wifi-drivers, after that all is well) and the 'DVD' and 'refresh' hotkeys (which, in normal usage aren't needed), for more info on this problem:


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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu 10.04 on a Toshiba L505-141 laptop.

    Installation proceeded smoothly from a bootable usb stick (after changing boot order from BIOS).

    Items that worked out of the box:
    -Function keys [brightness (Fn+F6/F7), mute (Fn+Esc), hibernate (Fn+F3)] and sound volume dial.
    -Monitor resolution settings and video hardware accelleration
    -Multiple screen selection
    -Battery monitoring
    -Sound devices
    -Touch pad (tapping, vertical/horizontal scrolling)
    -USB controllers
    -Toggle keyboards (Greek/USA)
    (the list may be too verbose, but I also include things that gave me trouble in the past)

    -Items that did not work out of the box (and I didn't bother setting up)
    -Function keys [lock screen (Fn+F1), switch monitor (Fn+F5), deactivate wirless devices (Fn+F8), screen resolution (Fn+Space), Toshiba zooming (Fn+1/2)].

    Items I haven't yet tested:

    1) I sometimes get blank screens: the screen goes all gray and then changes colors (green, blue etc). Sometimes it has stripes.
    I am not 100% sure, but I think that this has mostly ocurred when I have done a Google search and have clicked on "Images". It is when I have a Firefox tab full of Google images that this has mostly ocurred, but I do not vouch as to its reproducubility. Maybe hardware problem, maybe driver bug. Can't tell...
    2) I cannot connect over some public wifi hotspots. I get all the way through authentication (if they are secured), but then cannot get IP address assigned. However, for other hotspots no problem at all. Probably a wicd problem? (I removed Network Manager right after installation)

    Excellent selection for my new Ubuntu machine. 99.9% happy with it.
    Even happier for getting a Windows refund for returning my bundled Windows 7 copy!
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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    Ubuntu netbook edition 10.10 Meerkat

    Gateway netbook


    Runs just fine with Sprint Mobile Broadband card

    2gb Ram

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    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    My acer aspire one D255-1134 works perfectly out of the box of linux. The only thing that needs to be done is too install the proprietary driver for the wifi chip =).

    Atom N550 1.5Ghz dual core
    1GB ram
    250GB harddisk

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    Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

    Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1) 10.10 Maverick Meerkat
    2) HP
    3) 6910p

    Installed desktop version a few days ago and it works flawlessly.

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