Hi everyone, punchline is i'm a novice linux user but I have to say, after somehow losing windows completely on my Asus E200HA after playing with installing TAILS for no other reason that it seemed a good idea at the time... I ended up with the ASUS just booting to the BIOS.... I tried a USB installation of wondows 10 but as there was no touch pad cursor... I couldn't click Agree... to the installation!

So figured I'd try Ubuntu just to get it functioning... and I have to say I love it!!!! BUT no sound?! and everywhere on the internet says the same. So I've amazoned a PNP USB sound card to get me rolling... but in the meantime I checked to see if anyone else on planet UBUNTU had solved it and the answer seems to be..NO!

So here is the thread for when solution strikes... how on earth do we get the sound card on an ASUS E200HA alive and kicking with UBUNTU 16.04?

Kind regards,