For those of you opposed to mailing lists, I thought I should post this in the forum as well.

I'm looking for input on a banner for us to use at OLF (and I guess for any such event).

Also, I was thinking some posters (like the ones you'd see at a university poster conference) to have up behind the table. Perhaps discussing how the LoCo/ReLoCo works, or maybe about Ubuntu Hour's?

Personally, I think the recent business card design by Jacob (slightly modified to match the dimensions of the table) would make a cool table cloth. So orange with the white lettering/logos. The idea would be a table cloth, with the logo printed on the part that hangs down in front.

I'm checking now as to how feasible something like that would be. If that doesn't work out, a standard banner we hang in front of the table would work.

I'm open to suggestions though. Be creative as possible. Also, let me throw this out there, we could do something with clear plexi, Oh, or even "smoked" plexi (it has a haze to it). Hmmm...ok, I may have to design something myself...

Well, post your suggestions if you have any.