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Thread: Radeon HD 4200 New HTPC Build

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    Radeon HD 4200 New HTPC Build

    I'm looking to get a Gigabyte motherboard with an ATI Radeon HD 4200 built in.

    I would get NVIDIA, but there is only *one* mobo on NewEgg with the 8200 integrated on the micro atx (because I need DVI) and it doesn't come with SPDIF. So that's out.

    So I'm wondering if this graphics card will be able to successfully decode x264 and h264 etc from 1080p mkv files. I understand there is no VDPAU, but I read there is UVD. And as I understand that's already built into the driver? And mPlayer/ XBMC can figure this out?

    Please advise and thanks,

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    Re: Radeon HD 4200 New HTPC Build

    Not sure about x264 (I've only tested DivX so far, which works fine), but I am unable to make XBMC work with my integrated HD 4200 card. See my post here. If I could start my HTPC project over again, would definitely go with nvidia...

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