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    iPod Touch Video

    I can sync music to my iPod Touch in Rhythmbox with libimobiledevice in 10.04 but how can I get videos onto the device as well? (I can get them on easily enough via ssh, but I really want the iTouch to add them to the database so I can play them just by tapping Videos on the home screen.)


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    Re: iPod Touch Video


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    Re: iPod Touch Video

    Help? Google isn't giving me anything.

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    Re: iPod Touch Video

    Look here for my solution. It will not give you your videos through the built-in Videos app, but it is more flexible in some ways, because you can manage the directories yourself.

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    Re: iPod Touch Video

    Thanks, but that's still not ideal. Is there any chance video to "built-in video player" sync will work by 10.10 via rhythmbox (I can only get it to work with music) or gtkpod (doesn't work - ITunes_Control error or something when I try to initialize the directory structure)? Any way that can be made to work?

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