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Thread: Cannot get passed load screen

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    Cannot get passed load screen

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A55-s1063 with 2gb RAM and a Celeron M processor.
    Idk about the graphics card.

    I have been using a live CD and when I try to run UNR off the cd. I can get past the load screen with the little dots below ubuntu...
    but as soon as that finishes, the screen flashes and then goes blank.

    I assume that it is a problem with the graphics driver considering how old my laptop is. If anyone knows any fixes for this, that would be great.

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    Re: Cannot get passed load screen

    Yes I am having that same problem with an older HP I have. When Im using the Live CD or USB (Both same issue), I get past the screen with the dots for loading then all goes black and stays that way. Have to do hard reset to machine to get it to work. Any thoughts?

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