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Thread: Wacom bamboo pressure strange behaviour

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    Wacom bamboo pressure strange behaviour

    Hello! Nice to meet everyone!

    Fisrtly, thank you very much for reading, I'm an Ubuntu Karmic user, and one of my hobbies is drawing, to do this in the computer I use a wacom bamboo ctl-460 tablet.

    Well, I've found here posts about problems of users having no pressure sensitivity on graphic editing software with wacom pen tablets. A while ago I had this problem, and the solution was quite simple. For some time things worked very well, but recently (a couple of hours ago actually) I updated the kernel. Of course this rendered the tablet useless and I had to reinstall the driver. After doing so and adding the needed configuration it was seemingly working again. But... it was then that I came across this "Problem":

    I created a new document on GIMP and started painting. I had the brush tip size controlled by the tablet's pressure, so I started to draw lines expecting the ussual behaviour; progressively increasing the applied pressure would proggresively increase the line's thickness. Normally, after reaching the top pressure level, the line's thickness should remain stable at a maximum value until there was a pressure drecreasing or the pen was lifted from thet tablet's surface; but instead of it I got this:


    Whever I reached a "Top" pressure, the line's thickness dropped to a minimal value. I tought it was maybe a problem with the GIMP, but I tested in Mypaint and Krita, getting the same result in all cases, the green outline symbolizes the stroke trayectory I was hoping to get:



    I've tried however to change the pressure curve's values, but the result remains the same, I can't draw lines applying full pressure without them to vanish at some point, I can try to simply draw with applying full pressure on every stroke but it's very unconfortable to work that way. I think it may be a driver problem but I'm not quite sure as I'm relatively new with this kernel driver compiling stuff, I'm still learning. The general information I can give you is:

    Laptop: Compaq presario V3317la
    System: Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit
    Graphics driver: nvdida ver 195.36.24 (current)
    kernel version: 2.6.32-24
    x server version: 1.7.6
    Driver used: xf86-input-wacom-0.10.7
    gnome version: 2.30.2

    I additionally can supply any other informatione needed to find a workaround for this issue. However thank you so much in advance

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    Re: Wacom bamboo pressure strange behaviour

    Hi Cezzare,

    Welcome to Ubuntu forums!

    Nice post. The pressure curve was fixed with a patch to xf86-input-wacom about 10 days ago. So it should be fixed in the recently released 0.10.8 tar or by cloning the git. See II. in the Bamboo HOW TO. You might want to update the wacom.ko also (I.), depending on the version you're using.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Wacom bamboo pressure strange behaviour

    Hello! Thank you so much, it worked indeed! Your guide is very very helpful, I'm happy to have the tablet running again , thanks!

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