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Thread: Flickering in OpenOffice and Firefox

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    Arrow Flickering in OpenOffice and Firefox


    i have a lot of flickering in openoffice. It also happens with firefox but less frequently.

    It might also occur with other programs, but in openoffice it is so strong that working gets really annoying.
    The flickering does not occur continously but is sometimes more frequent and sometimes less (in oo)

    the only hint i found is here:

    i am not using maverick but lucid and do not have the other problems mentioned in the bug-report, but the flickering problem sounds similar. might be something completely different though.

    i have a intel graphics chip using the intel dricer (laptop acer extensa 5230).


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    Re: Flickering in OpenOffice and Firefox

    You can try to switch off the Compiz visual effects to check. Else, try to install the Sun version: [Ubuntu] Installing OOo on Debian and Co. But since it does the same with FF, I'm not sure it will do anything.
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    Re: Flickering in OpenOffice and Firefox

    Oh sorry, forgot to say that the flickering is also there when desktop-effects (compiz) are turned off.

    No, it is not an openoffice problem, i just had the flickers also while only the desktop was shown (that happens very seldom though).

    thanks anyway

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