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For the case of newer versions of (K)Ubuntu, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Di...Howto/Conexant
Unfortunately, while that link takes you to a page with many other links, there is nothing there for 12.04 - and there is apparently a need for the package fixes to be version specific. Due to warnings about not using the various driver packages with a different version - I did no more than download a few of the files. However, there are also some problems with file availability and other issues. It seem Dell no longer offers their driver package, and it is the base for most of the fixes. After investing a few hours, when I still had way too many questions, I moved on and bought a pcmcia modem that I finally got to work.

It seems that modems are a weak spot in Ubuntu's otherwise fine hardware coverage.

If anyone has resolved the conexant chipset driver issues in 12.04, an updated post of your experience would be MOST welcome.