Everything works so far. Sound, video drivers, meta keys (even the weird ones like calculator) but the damn multi-touch touchpad doesnt work. It wont even let me do 2-finger scrolling. It's not even an option. i really want to use Ubuntu with my new HP Envy that i won, but i really need the touchpad to work. Mainly, i just need it so i can click left and right with my thumb while my pointer finger is moving the mouse for dragging and such.

I really don't want to use a mouse if possible and someone on superuser.com said that all touchpads should work on Ubuntu that were made in the last 6 years... this is incorrect as, yes, ones with buttons, but this, like MBPs don't have buttons:

I've looked everywhere, vark.com, superuser.com, the IRC channel, FB, Twitter, i'll buy someone a beer if they can figure it out!