I have an old IBM monitor (manufactured in 1993) hooked up to an HP computer (Pentium 4, 512MB RAM). The computer has been completely wiped and runs Ubuntu exclusively.

After I turn the computer on and Ubuntu starts, the monitor displays vertical lines. I can make out the colors of the desktop, but nothing's readable. Obviously something wrong with the resolution or the refresh rate.

Leaving the computer on, I unhook the 1993 IBM monitor and hook up a newer monitor. The screen is now readable, so I go in and adjust the refresh rate to 60 and resolution to 800x600. Then, I unhook the newer monitor and reconnect the 1993 IBM monitor. I can now read the screen. This only lasts until then next time I shut down or restart the computer.

I am looking for a way to fix it so that I won't have to do this every time I turn it off. It's a sentimental monitor, and I want to keep this particular monitor & computer hooked up to each other permanently.