I am a very raw beginner as will soon become obvious. I am briging an old office PC back into service and have loaded the latest version of Xubuntu on to it.

A couple of days ago I bought a wifi card and naively presumed that Xubuntu would automatically provide all the necessary drivers so I carried on and inserted the card.

Result was a refusal to boot which I tried out a few times before powering down and removing the card. Xubuntu then booted without problem.

So I loaded the supplied manual using XP and determined that the card was using the Realtek RTL8185 chip set.

I have spent the last few hours googling my way through lots of documentation about how clever people have resolved this problem and I am aware of a procedure called ndiswrapper. Not sure that my beginner status is going to make that work for me. Then I read that RealTek have issued linux drivers which may or not be in the kernel.

Please, what is the easiest, most logical way to proceed.

My need is not a matter of life and death. My modem is just across the study and a length of ethernet cable would do the trick but having bought the card I would like to get it working.