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Thread: Belkin F7D1101 install Problem's

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    Belkin F7D1101 install Problem's

    Hi guys

    It is my first use on Linux (kubuntu 11.10) and i have only an smal problem, so i have install wine on my Netbock but when i will now install the Belkin (Windows driver) i got an Error -1627 when i klick install.

    Bus 001 Divice 005: 050d:945a Belkin Coponents

    Is it an install part problem or what i do wrong?

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    Re: Belkin F7D1101 install Problem's

    I had a look at the following link and I found some Belkin devices, but not the one you specify.

    It is a known problem, that some wifi device won't work with linux. When you plan to buy a new one, I suggest that you check with that wiki page. But now you have your device so

    1. try without any installation at all if it works with the built-in drivers in the linux kernel

    2. learn about Ndiswrapper and try that instead of Wine.

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    Re: Belkin F7D1101 install Problem's

    This will probably only help if you are using an older kernel. I compiled a 32 bit version of the driver. It can be found here. The source is found here. But, you would probably be better off using Ndiswrapper.


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