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Thread: Vonage router, Wireless Router and Port Forwarding

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    Vonage router, Wireless Router and Port Forwarding


    The following setup has been working successfully but I couldn't understand this all - need your help.

    Initially, I was not able to access FTP, HTTP services setup within my private LAN from public domain address (public IP). I tried port forwarding - but no use - eventually discovered that I am using Vonage router in the upstream and my netgear router is sitting behind the vonage router. I disconnected vonage router - then it all started working fine.

    Obviously, now I need to hook up vonage back - did some research - and found that perhaps I can put my NetGear router as a DMZ to Vonage router. So using vonage router admin GUI, I attached the NetGear router to a DMZ.

    Question is: Vonage router admin page asked for a static IP to use to set DMZ. Both Vonage and NetGear routers are set as DHCP servers. Vonage router default gateway is set to -- so for setting the NetGear router on DMZ - I used to set NetGear.

    My theory was that once I hook up Netgear on a DMZ - public traffic would by pass vonage router and intercepted at NetGear router, from where it will assign new private IP addresses to machines in my private LAN. So I was expecting to setup NetGear LAN IP to as gateway, and then starting IP range from -- --- with this setup -- I was not able to browse internet --- why?

    I change the NetGear configuration back to as gateway and - as IP range --- everything started working .... using DynDNS to map ISP assigned IP to domain name through which I can access FTP, HTTP, SSH running within my private LAN.

    How come if I am setting NetGear on a DMZ with IP = --- my private LAN is not functioning if I use the range - ---- why do I have to set NetGear gateway back to ?

    Thanks in advance ... hope I explained this succinctly.

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    Re: Vonage router, Wireless Router and Port Forwarding

    just found out only HTTP is working -- SSH and FTP not working -- it was when I dropped the vonage router -- seems like there is still something not properly configured.

    i am waiting for someone help.....


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