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Thread: Why do some people think Linux is so hard to use?

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    Re: Why do some people think Linux is so hard to use?

    Quote Originally Posted by ac_d600 View Post
    I think the reason some people think linux is hard to use is
    because somethings in linux are hard to do.
    Compiling software!! only in linux would you ever come across this.. if
    linux ever wants to be taken seriously as a alternative to Windows or
    Macs this is something that has to change. I use 8.04 and I know I have
    no chance (well maybe I do but it goes beyond my knowledge) to be able
    to run new versions of the Gimp or Abiword on my machine but if I ran
    WinXp I would have no such problem. (and this has nothing to do with
    Why don't you just upgrade then? O.o
    I had to do it.

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    Re: Why do some people think Linux is so hard to use?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin2128 View Post
    Why don't you just upgrade then? O.o
    I did upgrade, for a couple of days.

    I was all excited about upgrading to 10.04, after all 8.04 is a LTS
    release so I was expecting great things with Lucid. It installed ok
    but wouldn't boot up everytime, sometimes it would take a couple of
    tries to get it to work, just got stuck with a black screen. Strange
    mouse behavior, jumping around the screen, automatically selecting and
    clicking the first option in a right click menu. I'm sure I could have
    devoted more time and effort to fixing these things, but after enjoying
    8.04 for so long switching to 10.04 was kinda a let down.. so I'll
    stick with 8.04 until it comes to and end, and by then I'll be looking
    to replace my laptop.

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    Re: Why do some people think Linux is so hard to use?

    Because some people can't Google correctly.

    I'm not joking, I know people who Google for problems (e.g. when their mp3's won't play) in their native non-English language; or they use pretty random keywords, and then they find nothing worthy.
    In the article, the 88-year-old has grown up with English, a lot of 88-year-olds haven't.
    Now that last issue applies mainly to ~45+ people. But I also think a lot of people would prefer just one, full, up-to-date guide; instead of all kinds of Google-able cluttered pieces of information on internet of which half is outdated. But Linux IS cluttered so it's hard to make such a guide. Arch Linux has the best one I've seen so far.

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    Re: Why do some people think Linux is so hard to use?

    Well..... and I confess..... I'm ashamed to admit this but when I started using Linux I wondered why anyone would bother but I kept playing with it and I finally realized it's actually pretty neat.

    It's small, especially when compared to Windows... GOD..!!!! it does it all. I've downloaded a number of apps like: to listen to music, manipulate photos, Open Office.... they're great. There's some really smart people out there writing stuff for Ubuntu.

    I started off with a couple of other Linux models and didn't like them but I've almost fallen in love with Ubuntu... ALMOST.

    I can only think that so many find it hard because it's so different from anything else they have used. Like having to run in terminal to install HP printer software... things like that. But after a bit you get onto it and it's really good.

    I have to apologize to all here for my previous rant on WHY???? would anyone use this. I think I've now figured out why. I certainly prefer it to Windows.

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