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Thread: touchpad issue on lucid 10.04

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    touchpad issue on lucid 10.04

    On my laptop, there is a button directly above touchpad to temporarily disable it. In karmic, I was able to toggle this feature without incident. In Lucid, the touchpad will not reactivate until a restart.

    This feature is integral to my laptop experience, because the pad is hypersensitive. If I don't disable it, it is very common for me to brush the pad with my wrists while typing and move the cursor to some random other part of the window (where successive characters will be placed).

    This was so frustrating that I went back to karmic. But this is not a suitable long term solution. I was wondering if either there has been a fix, or if it is possible to install karmic's synaptics touchpad driver on lucid.

    hp pavilion dv6308nr

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    Re: touchpad issue on lucid 10.04


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