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Thread: Ambiance theme custom message indicator (purple)

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    Ambiance theme custom message indicator (purple)

    New Ambiance theme custom message indicator (purple)

    I created this earlier this morning.

    I grabbed the custom icons off of OMG! Ubuntu but they really bothered me because they were too dark (the purples), especially because i use redshift.

    My main goal with this was to match the show desktop icon's purple shade. I hate that the green does not match anything. I had this problem with the system monitor in the bottom panel but as you can see in the screenshot I also customized that to purple. OCD? Perhaps lol

    Anyway, I made the new icon and here it is, enjoy!

    Directions (mostly copied from here
    Hit alt+f2 and type 'gksu nautilus'
    Navigate to the icon theme directory you're using in
    'usr/share/icons/' and either 'ubuntu-mono-light' or 'ubuntu-mono-dark'.
    Enter the 'status/22/' directory
    Copy the file into there

    I believe with updates you will have to redo this but I'm not 100% on that
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