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Thread: Howto: Pandora via command line. -- pianobar --

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    Re: Howto: Pandora via command line. -- pianobar --

    Hello all,

    Below is a script I've made to make it easy for new users to install pianobar. Copy the code into a file in your home directory, called ''. You can change your username and password to automatically login yourself in.

    Update: This script was working as of May 1st, when pianobar added json its dependencies.

    #this is a script designed to install the latest version of pianobar
    echo 'moving to downloads folder'
    cd ~/Downloads
    echo 'downloading pianobar source'
    echo 'renaming to compress file'
    mv master pianobar.tar.gz
    echo 'extracting tarball'
    tar -xvf pianobar.tar.gz
    echo 'renaming ugly tarball'
    mv Promy* pianobar-install-files
    echo 'entering source directories'
    cd pianobar-install-files
    echo 'installing dependencies'
    sudo apt-get install libao-dev libgnutls-dev libfaad-dev libmad0-dev libjson0-dev libjson0
    echo 'compiling'
    make clean && make
    echo 'installing'
    sudo make install
    echo 'cleaning up leftover files'
    cd ~/Downloads
    rm pianobar.tar.gz && rm -rf pianobar-install-files
    if [ -f ~/.config/pianobar/config ]; then
        echo "pianobar already configured"
        echo 'writing configuration file'
        cd ~/.config
        mkdir pianobar
        cd pianobar
        echo 'user =' > config
        echo 'password = your.password' >> config
    Make it executable and run it as sudo.

    sudo chmod +x
    The latest version of pianobar will be installed. There is currently a version of pianobar in the repositories that can be installed with 'sudo apt-get install pianobar', but it is not the most recent version and wasn't working for me as of April 3rd (Error: protocol incompatible, please upgrade libpiano). This script will update pianobar to the latest version and fix that error.
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    Re: Howto: Pandora via command line. -- pianobar --

    Thanks for the script dude, it was of great help

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    Re: Howto: Pandora via command line. -- pianobar --

    Thank you SO much for putting all of the proper requirements in one place. I can confirm that this works on the Raspberry Pi! I was pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. Thank you again!

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