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Thread: Problems after power outage - uuids changed, no gigabit

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    Problems after power outage - uuids changed, won't auto-mount

    Hello Ubuntu forums, I come with questions to try out the wonderful forum support I keep hearing Ubuntu has! I figure this is a convenient time to ask, since I am soon to swap the UPS on my Ubuntu box.

    This all refers to Ubuntu 9.04.

    You see, not too long ago, I had a couple of power outages, and suffice to say, despite the efforts of my UPS, I didn't get to shut down my Ubuntu box properly on either occasion. After the first one, when I powered the computer back on it failed to boot. Some googling of the error message led me to find that the UUIDs Ubuntu assigns to things like hard drives, which are not SUPPOSED to change, had in fact changed. From an archived thread here I found out how to find out what the new ones were, and slapped them into my FSTAB hoping that'd be the end of it.

    (Partitions/Drives affected: hda2, hdb)

    It wasn't. Ubuntu came up with new errors to throw at me. This time, it threw the "bad superblock/wrong fs type" error that I'm used to seeing when I fudge a mount command. It appeared to be the same anyway, it went by so fast I couldn't really read it, sure wish the pause button worked. The gui did finally load, but showed no sign of the affected drives.

    I found that if I commented out the affected drives in the fstab, they would appear in the gui, ready and mountable and apparently just fine.

    I've double-checked the UUIDs. The new UUIDs I put in fstab match the new UUIDs that the vol_id command reports.

    What is wrong with my fstab? Why won't it mount them automatically? (I'll post both versions as an attachment)

    Another minor problem is for some reason I can't get privoxy running anymore. I've temporarily taken to running the Windows version in wine. I seem to remember I had a helluva time getting the linux version to work in the first place anyway, so I think I'll just keep running the windows version in wine. Any advice would be appreciated though.

    Most importantly, what can I do to prevent this happening again? Debian Sarge never gave me such trouble (and my deb box suffered quite a few improper shutdowns too). Ubuntu's based on Debian. What gives?

    And finally, can someone point me to software capable of communicating (over USB) with a Belkin UPS and shutting the computer down before the UPS battery dies?
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