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Thread: (newbie) Troubles with YouTube

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    (newbie) Troubles with YouTube

    Hello peoples~!

    I've started using Ubuntu since just today (so I'm pretty sure I'm up to date, but what do I know, right? ^-^; ), so now I'm wondering about two things:

    the first is that I can't comment, add to favorites or go to favorites on youtube.
    I really like my favorites, so I hope there's a solution for this~

    And the second is that I have an Intuos 3 tablet which -works-, just not with pressure sensitivity; if someone has a solution for that too that'd be marvellous

    I hope my questions weren't too silly~


    I don't know what's important so I'm gonna list a few things here~ Um. I'm running a x86 Ubuntu on an x64 quadcore, an ATi HD4870 1GB graphics card, 4 GB RAM and I've dedicated 100GB to linux (including / /boot /swap and /home)

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    Talking Re: (newbie) Troubles with YouTube

    I have absolutely no idea what fixed it, or if YouTube happened to be stubborn on the day I first installed Ubuntu, but it works now

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