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Thread: Issue with RoadRunner and Koala

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    Angry Issue with RoadRunner and Koala

    I have Ubuntu Karmic Koala on my laptop. For some reason my wireless card has been on the lam. I am trying to get some reading done for school and at the same time it is time for an update on Ubuntu, my only issue is getting an internet connection.

    I have roadrunner internet connection and Karmic Koala. I am a complete n00b when it comes to this stuff. If anyone can help me with getting the laptop to recognize Roadrunner when it is plugged in it would be great!

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    Re: Issue with RoadRunner and Koala

    What sort of hardware came with RoadRunner? A cable modem and a router, a modem/router, just a modem? Are you trying to connect via USB or ethernet?

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