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Thread: No Sound on Ubuntu 9.04

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    No Sound on Ubuntu 9.04

    I am using Ubuntu 9.04.

    I have no sound on Ubuntu. Can you all tell me what I need to do? I have limited Unix experience. So please explain the steps to a beginner.

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    Smile Re: No Sound on Ubuntu 9.04

    I just fixed my sound after 7 months and it was soooo easy.

    First go to sound in your applications and open the Palse audio volume control. If you don't have it just go to soft ware center and add it,

    Second open it up and play a youtube video and watch the volume bars. If it is working, green line going back and forth you have the sound working in your computer.

    Now you need to get it to the speakers. Open the configuration tab. Mine was listed as Analog stereo duplex. Under profile I change it to Digital stereo IEC958 output & analog stereo input. Played the same youtube video and I had sound.

    I have a Creative SB0400 audigy 2 card. I had about 15 option to choose from try them until you get sound.
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