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Thread: Modifying Live CD ISO images

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    Modifying Live CD ISO images

    Are the grub/menu.lst and the mkiso script for building the Live ISO images available for download?

    For the upcoming Software Freedom Day, we'd like to be able to give away DVDs with TheOpenDisc windows software collection, but that boots as an Ubuntu Live CD.

    Using the menu.lst and mkiso command from
    2008-02-06 "Transforming your Installation into a Live DVD/CD" gives me a menu when testing with
    QEMU but booting fails with "Error 15: File not found", even why trying the Memory Test

    $ qemu -cdrom ~/live-cd.iso -boot d # stderr output
    open /dev/kvm: No such file or directory
    Could not initialize KVM, will disable KVM support
    pci_add_option_rom: failed to find romfile "pxe-rtl8139.bin"

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