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Thread: Ubuntu (9.4 nor 10.4) won't boot from cd

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    Ubuntu (9.4 nor 10.4) won't boot from cd


    I recently bought a Toshiba L505D-GS6000 laptop with Windows 7 64 bit installed as the only OS. I would like to dual boot with Ubuntu 10.4, but I can't get the live cd to boot. I went through the BIOS to boot from cd drive, the drive starts to spin, I get a glimpse of Ubuntu (9.4 shows the language select screen and 10.4 shows a ubuntu icon), then invariably a black screen with error messages. Both versions (I tried 9.4 after seeing that 10.4 failed) fill the screen with errors and then a blinking cursor. Nothing else happens after that. I think it could be a driver issue, given that they boot from cd fine on other machines such as my older dell and moderately old mac. For fun, I ran VirtualBox in Windows on the L505 and it loads both versions of Ubuntu perfectly fine. Any information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Ubuntu (9.4 nor 10.4) won't boot from cd

    Have you tried booting a 32 bit version?
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