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Thread: Programmes freeze from time to time

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    Programmes freeze from time to time

    I've had programme windows freeze in Ubuntu 10.4 several time now. It might be a power management thing but I'm not sure. What happens is that the three icons in the top of all open windows, the icons that action closure of the window (an x in a red circle), minimize the window (a downward pointing > in a white circle) and jump to full screen (an upward pointing > in a white circle) all disappear. The programme seems to continue to function but cannot be closed or exited. Right clicking the tab for the window at the bottom will close it but then it can't be opened again. The only solution seems to be to restart the computer. Data doesn't seem to get lost.

    Does anyone know what causes this?

    Bob Thomson, Ottawa, Canada

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    Re: Programmes freeze from time to time

    If I am reading correctly, it sounds like you have somehow went to full screen (F 11 on my computer). Try pressing the corresponding button and it should return you to normal window.

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    Re: Programmes freeze from time to time

    Just the buttons disappear or the whole of the top window border?

    If you were just at full screen you would not have the window buttons at the bottom, so I don't think that is your situation.

    Are you using compiz window manager, and have desktop effects enabled? If so try running without for a while and see if things improve. If they do we can then try and figure out what is causing your problem in a bit more detail. To stop compiz, go to System ->Preferences ->Appearance, and set "None" in the Visual effects tab.


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