I've been looking at getting a new touchscreen monitor and was wondering if anyone has experience using them. I haven't found much data on the interwebz about Ubuntu support for these new optical style types, so I was hoping you guys could help!

First up: HP L2206tm
I really like this one due to it's LED back-light, Display Port!, and design. Historically HP has done well with its Linux support so hopefully this follows that trend. I'm rooting for this one!

Next: Planar PX2230MW
I really don't have much experience with Planar products in general, but this does seems to be a decent monitor on paper. Planar also seems to have a history of Linux support, so I'd like to hear that they've got this one locked down as well!

Finally: Viewsonic VX2258wm
In the past I have had pretty good luck with Viewsonic, but I've also never had anything from then that actually had to interface with my OS.

So there they are! If you guys could share what you know about Ubuntu, touch drivers, optical touch interfaces, or these monitors specifically I'd be quite grateful!