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Thread: Constant Screen Flashing on Boot Up

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    Question Constant Screen Flashing on Boot Up

    Hello all,

    I just want to thank for first of all for looking at this. I'm absolutely desperate for some help!

    I recently wiped and partitioned my hard drive on my Sony Vaio Z series laptop. I set up the NTFS partition for windows, the Ext-4 partition for Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix, and a large NTFS partition for my all my media. I installed the netbook remix off of a flash drive, and I couldn't have asked for a smoother install. Everything went fine, and I proceeding to install google chrome and all the other little goodies. After that, I configured all my settings and ran the update manager to get everything just fine. After a reboot, I became frustrated and prevented maximus from running on start up because I did not want every windows I opened to be maximized. After a reboot, the screen would flash very brightly more than once per second. I could see the top bar with the processes and such as well as the correct background, but I cannot do anything because the screen will not stop flashing. I figured out I could stop it from flashing by pressing ctrl+alt+F7, but the screen just freezes where it is at and is still unusable. Desperate to start enjoying my Ubuntu Netbook Remix, I wiped the Ubuntu partition and reinstalled and did everything EXACTLY the same except instead of preventing maximus from opening, I used gconf-editor to change the setting to not maximize everything by default. Reboot, exact same problem.

    I've searched everywhere for a solution, but I only find people with vague similarities or explanations. Could it possibly be a graphics problem? My laptop has 2 graphics cards in it - an Intel integrated one and an nVidia one. The nVidia one has a hardware issue so I just use the Intel one for now. It is also worth noting that I have installed Ubuntu 10.04 (desktop) on my machine before and I never had any such problem.

    Also, I tried booting up in the "safe mode" equivalent, but I eventually encounter a black screen and I am forced to hold down the power button to shut it down.

    I'm also very new to Ubuntu, but I loved what I got to play around with in the netbook remix. I'm a total Ubuntu noob, so any detailed explanation (or even effort!) would be hugely appreciated

    (also, if it's worth anything, I know how to use windows well if there's any way I can change something in Ubuntu from my windows installation)

    Thanks again everyone!

    EDIT: I also did not add a separate partition for the swap, could that affect anything?
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    Re: Constant Screen Flashing on Boot Up

    bump, anyone mind giving me a hand?

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    Re: Constant Screen Flashing on Boot Up

    Have you checked the General Help forum Sticky thread.

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