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    Google Wave

    Dear Texas,

    Most of us have multiple accounts on the internet. This makes
    communication within our team an extra effort to maintain constant

    There is a tool that we can use to overcome this barrier.
    There was discussion on wave technology last year but nothing happened.
    I would like to reopen the discussion and here is a link to the wave

    Link to Wave working

    or you can embed the conversation into a page you frequent

    <div id="waveframe" style="width:500px; height:400px;"></div><script src=""></script><script type="text/javascript"> google.load("wave", "1"); google.setOnLoadCallback(function() { new google.wave.WavePanel({target: document.getElementById("waveframe")}).loadWave("!w+xqUYw0a8A");}); </script>
    Link to wave

    Its very simple
    Daniel Stone
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