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Thread: Ubuntu 10.04 ATI Xpress 200m

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    Exclamation Ubuntu 10.04 ATI Xpress 200m

    Okay, I don't know why but this post hasn't actually showed up on the forums and I've posted it 2 times prior to now. Anyways, I am a semi-novice user of Ubuntu and was using Ubuntu 9.10 for roughly 3 months before finally upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04. The only problem is, when I enable desktop effects the computer becomes very laggy and seems to move frame by frame, freezes and runs generally slowly. It is such a problem that normal use of the computer is impossible with ANY graphic effects turned on. I am running an ATI Xpress 200m graphics card and am assuming there is something wrong with the driver included in 10.04 seeing as on 9.10 everything graphic was running smoothly including the 3D desktop feature. Perhaps I can retrieve the old driver from 9.10 and run it for 10.04? I've completely exacerbated all of my knowledge and am left with no clue as what to do to fix the problem. If anyone has any help they can offer I'd be greatly appreciative.
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