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Thread: Dead Mobo?

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    Dead Mobo?

    Hello, The motherboard in my main desktop machine got zapped during the night and now i am trying to find some way or repairing it(if possible). First off, the motherboard is a MCP6P M2+ from Biostar. I have already checked the powersupply with another machine and it worked fine. When switched on no fans spin, post does not display, and none of the usual lights turn on except for a power indicator light in the front(located on the opposite edge of the motherboard from the 24pin power connector). Also, there are no beeps even when the speaker is plugged in(it connects via 4 pins near the on/off pins). I have tried clearing the cmos, switching the ram around(all possible combos with 2 sticks, ddr2 800mhz 1 gig each),replugging all the power cables, and testing it with a seperate video card from it's onboard one. Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Re: Dead Mobo?

    If the board does not 'beep' at all then it is toast... dead.
    Normally a mobo will beep even with nothing plugged in.

    Buy a new one & move on !
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    Hakunamatata ...... No worries !

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