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Thread: Slave DNS using Bind

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    Question Slave DNS using Bind

    Greetings everyone. Before I start, please know I am new to the ubuntu and bind dns field.

    I am trying to configure a bind slave dns server. I have been following the instructions on under the section of how to configure a Secondary Master Server configuration. From what I can tell my files are okay, but I am running into the following error when restarting the bind services on my server.

    Stopping domain name service... bind 9 [OK]
    rndc: connect failed: connection refused.

    From my understand when I restart the service it should sync with my master server, but I am getting this error.

    I have a few questions in my head about this. I just configured the named.conf.local for my zone and reverse zone as the website above tells me. I have a feeling that I have to do more then that with a fresh install.

    Do I have to configure my zone files manually for the first time?

    I am seeing a lot of documentation on this, but nothing that seems to be explaining a fresh install. It is becoming very confusing.

    I would appreciate any help you can provide me with on this.

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    Re: Slave DNS using Bind

    I've been doing more research and everything I find is supporting what I have done. That setup seems to easy, something has to be missing right?

    Thank you,


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