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Thread: Will a radeon 4670 (agp) work with 10.04?

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    Will a radeon 4670 (agp) work with 10.04?

    My friend just installed 10.04 on his desktop

    He's thinking about a small upgrade path for playing games (like doom 3), so he's bought some extra ram (2gb) and thinking about a new gpu. I noticed that it supports agp 8x and recommended a radeon 4670

    This ought to do well, but I noticed that some people had trouble with this on older versions. So, would this be easy for a newbie to set up or not? Any known show-stoppers?

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    Lightbulb Re: Will a radeon 4670 (agp) work with 10.04?

    I would also like to know the answer.
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    Re: Will a radeon 4670 (agp) work with 10.04?

    This may be an old thread, but I think it deserves an answer.

    I have no idea about agp, but I know the PCI Ex16 version works great with the open source drivers (the proprietary drivers crash x). The crash may be because of some other glitch (I'm working on figuring it out), but the card DOES work, and is a good one. I build a gaming (small, like runescape and some FPS games)/power-user (tech support, lots of programs up, testing servers and compilers) computer for myself with this card adn find it runs all the games I play on max settings.
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