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Thread: Broken wubi grub after Vista boot repair

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    Broken wubi grub after Vista boot repair

    I broke my Vista MBR after an attempt to install BURG on wubi. (Which i know now should not be done !)

    I was able to "apt-get install mbr" and got the OS selection screen back asking me to choose between Vista and Ubuntu... Unfortunatly, both failed to start with similar problems.

    Vista: winload.exe was missing or corrupted
    Ubuntu: "some similar file" was missing or corrupted

    So i used a Vista repair CD and got Vista back. (Which i am using now.)
    But when i try to load Ubuntu, i still get the same error as before.

    I guess Grub2 should be reinstalled... How should i do that with WUBI ?

    I just read the section on how to repair the vistual Ubuntu partition at unfortunatly, it just describe how to mount the virtual partition and it doesn't say anything about fixing it.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Broken wubi grub after Vista boot repair

    Just solved the problem by myself like a big boy !!!

    The missing or corrupted file was wubildr.mbr.

    My instincts guided me to this tool from neosmart. (easybcd)

    It fist showed a kind of report with Ubuntu present but with no disk values. As it is a wubi, the disk should have been c:/. The path to wubildr.mbr was already there....

    The only thing to do was to fix with the button on the left menu and here i am !

    2 full days without Ubuntu !! WOW... I was starting to experience some auto mutilation compulsions !

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    Re: Broken wubi grub after Vista boot repair

    For future reference, Wubi does NOT use GRUB or GRUB2; instead, it uses its own version known as GRUB4DOS. So, don't do any GRUB/GRUB2 installs or updates.
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