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Thread: Combine multiple Linux distributions

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    Combine multiple Linux distributions

    How do you combine multiple Linux distributions live cd's or non install CD on one DVD or CD if your on Windows?
    I would like to combine some minor Linux distributions: Gos and puppy acrade 6 and more on one DVD so I can spare money and place.
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    Re: Combine multiple Linux distributions

    if you are on windows, it must work with wubi 'as a programm' or in virtual (box qemu...).
    if you put a cd (with one or five linux ) you have a live cd (S) -see linux magazines of this week p.e (5 linux in one dvd for few $);
    you can al so built your own cd/dvd with several linux of course but a dvd from linux identity is yet ready !

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    I was looking for the same thing I had searched the net for ages, then I came across this seller on ebay who has done exactly what I wanted. 9 linux distros on one live dvd great.

    bought one, tried it and it works great.

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