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Thread: creating md5 password

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    creating md5 password

    Hello all,

    I know my question may look silly but how do you create md5 passwords in Ubuntu? With my old Slackware, I just used to type:

    crypt password_in_clear_text
    and it returned me the md5 encoded version that I could simply copy-paste to /etc/passwd if I wished so (or feed it to other scripts or even an ldif file to use with ldapadd, for instance). I think it was a perl script, but wouldn't bet on it.

    But I've tried this on my new Ubuntu (10.04) and got an error message explaining that crypt was not present on the system and that I should install the mcrypt package. Alas! This package is deemed buggy and unmaintained, by its very description in the repository. O^o

    Google search left me in the impression that each tool (slapd, grub, perl...) had its own function to do this. But I didn't find anything generic to the system, which I find quite disturbing and awkward.

    So, please, is there an official way to get md5 passwords from clear-text ones in command line?

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    Re: creating md5 password

    There is no "official" way, whatever that means. You can use makepasswd:

    firas@tsukino ~ % echo "foo" | makepasswd --clearfrom - --crypt-md5
    foo          $1$STwTCV9d$KoEL8Fj/r.a2aqQRoBlZz1
    Also, such passwords should be copied in /etc/shadow, not /etc/passwd, and MD5 is not really considered secure anymore.
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    Re: creating md5 password

    Quote Originally Posted by Bachstelze View Post
    Also, such passwords should be copied in /etc/shadow, not /etc/passwd
    Doesn't work on a NIS server, as far as I know. Not that NIS could be considered secure, of course.

    Anyway, merci beaucoup.

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    Re: creating md5 password

    An alternative:
    echo "mypass" |md5sum

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